Using the website


I have set up a website for the cyclovet project

The purpose of this site is to enable visitors to obtain a good understanding of what we are trying to do so the more relevant information we can put on the site the better.

Each partner will have their own login to create content. Please check the email for your organisation on the Contact Us page. Please email me to confirm if it is correct or send me your correct email. I will then send you your login details.

I have set up a strap line "Educating Cycling Instructors". If you have a better one then I can change it.

Gerhard, I don't have the Graz logo. Please send it to me and I will add it to the logo block.

The website is aimed at all countries in the EU hence it needs to be intelligible to a wide range of people who speak different languages. The simple approach is to have a google translation button which I have added to the site. I have been told that it does not produce very good translations. Please check in your language if it looks OK.  You can input your content in your own language and have an English summary. Then the initial content will be correct. I am looking at how other sites deal with this issue. Drupal has a multilingual module which I need to invetigate how it works.

Please tell me if their is anything that you would like to add to the Home and Project overview pages. These are the only 2 pages which cannot be changed

When you login you can add content to the

Project input by partner
CycloVet output

You can also add attachements and pictures to the content. The latest input appear on the left side of the site.