EXELIA (www.exelia.gr), a newly established company in Greece with experienced personnel, designs and develops educational and training games, and offers vocational training for social skills with innovative methodologies, focused on game-based learning. EXELIA specialises in using ICT as an enabling factor for innovation in education, developing advanced educational software and material. In its brief time of operation, the company is currently in negotiations with major telecommunications and banking organisations in Greece and in the EU (both private and public), commissioned to deploy innovative, custom-tailored pilot services and applications. The company has already received funding for an Erasmus+ project (VET4APPS) and a research project (Games2Train) under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013. EXELIA's mission includes the pursuit of innovation and the consolidation of new methodologies, the improvement of the educational capital of the client organisation in a sustainable manner (i.e. development of reusable materials such as customised games), and the quality support of goods and services provided by the client organisation. The staff and members of EXELIA comprise an interdisciplinary team of researchers, trainers & educators, ICT professionals, consultants, and managerial as well as administrative executives.

Address: Sokrati Tsakona 5, 15236, Penteli, Athens, Greece

Email: info@exelia.gr

Web: www.exelia.gr